Sunday, September 14, 2008


Life has been full lately. It has been more than fulfilling. I have another doula client due within the next week or so, I have been busy with my beautiful children, I got hired by Terrain as a freelance seamstress, and I have been commissioned by one of Jesse's coworkers to sew fancy curtains for her super fancy home. I also have been able to do something that I have not been able to do fir a long while. Sing. My friends Adam and Dave asked me to sing on their newest record (coming out early next year) and then to sign with them for a live show this Thursday at the M room. I love the recording and basement practices. It feels so good.

These are the banners that I was hired to sew. Times it by 2 then add 5 light covers. A sick amount of lime green.

I also had to include this picture of Madeline. Some of you know about her creepy mind reading abilities (if you don't I will tell you the stories over some beers) and I thought this picture captured her "reading ones mind." Ha!


joshua said...

those both sound like awesome opportunities.

i love the saga of the mind-reader, too. that pic is a great image for it!

thisnoisyvillage said...

lo, you are an incredible woman. mother, wife, friend, doula, seamstress, teacher, musician, and you have even managed to give birth to a child with super powers. sheesh! what a lady!

thisnoisyvillage said...

oh and i forgt athlete, too!

sanityseeker said...

pretty much, you are a super cool rock star with all these amazing talents and the ability to be a funny down to earth woman! it's great to see you blossom in all these directions! wow!!

words and streets said...

holy cow, do you sleep?? ;)