Friday, September 19, 2008

Good Days

We have been having a good week, the girls and I. Yesterday we got a membership to the YMCA and we renewed our membership to the zoo. I am looking forward to the Y over the winter. Free babysitting while I swim or just work out. Can't beat it. The zoo is also perfect this time of year. It is not crowded and the weather is just about perfect.

Madeline has been very into water colors lately. I have a little paint station always set up for her so she can dive right in whenever she feels like it.

This morning we had play group at Circle. It was such a fun time. So many kids and so many friends and too much coffee. It was great. If you have baby/toddler you should come. Friday mornings from 10:30-12.


david r. lowing said...

i love the studio. nice job.

joshua said...

your girls were so cute at the party tonight!