Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's Just Us

January was our first month roommate free. It has been really nice. Jesse and I have never not had a roommate. Part of me feels a bit guilty. We have this whole house that we could be sharing with someone. Living in community is very important to Jesse and I and it feels like we let a part of that go.
A couple of moths ago we had put our house on the market. We were considering joining the exodus to Germantown. We decided not to sell and have the house to ourselves for a while. We spackled, caulked, and repainted a couple of the rooms in our home. We moved our bedroom downstairs to the second floor and made a huge playroom for the kids in our previous bedroom. My sewing studio is now a studio/guest bedroom. It really feels like we use our whole house for the first time ever! We also got that "just moved" feeling by moving rooms around.
I am hoping when this new little girl comes that we will really feel settled down in our house. I love our home but I have an easy time picking things apart and disliking it. It all comes down to not having a yard. We have a little concrete slab in the back that is nice in the summer but not big enough for the kids to play.
We do have Liberty Lands and the possibility of Pathmark at 2nd and Girard.

So, now we are hoping to have some guests to use our guest bedroom. (Or maybe just a fun sleep-over. ha!)


emily said...

Gorgeous room! Congrats on number three! Gee, I need to get movin to catch up to you and lindsey!

Rosabelle said...

a pathmark so close possibly coming? i had no idea. and i don't think you guys have let go of living in community - you're just doing it in a different way.